Special Scheme

  1. Crop loan : The Bank  has been offering crop loans since 31.03.2012.  Upto March 2015, a total of 4413 farmers who availed loans and 1054 farmer members who have not availed loans have been covered under the National Agricultural Insurance Scheme while 17 member farmers who have not availed loans  have been registered under the Climate based Insurance Scheme.
  2. Business Promotion  Scheme : As on 31.03.2015 our Bank  has  offered Rs 34980.30 lakhs as loans  to 135 co-operative societies  for credit purposes and  Rs 4345.03 lakhs for non-credit purposes.   The Bank has also mobilised Rs 8853.43 lakh as deposits from the above 135 co-operative societies  thus  incorporating business promotion scheme.
  3. Kisan Credit Card Yojan :  As per the directive of the Union Government and NABARD,  loans amounting to Rs 28507.05 lakhs have been advanced as on 31.03.2015. A total of 43987 people were covered under Accident Insurance Scheme and awarded  insurance of Rs 18.95 lakhs. Under the scheme,  member farmers are entitled for insurance up to Rs 50,000/- in case of accidents. Under this scheme, heirs of the deceased farmers are entitled for insurance amount.
  4. Self-Help-Stree Shakti Group Scheme :  As per the State Government and NABARD guidelines,  the Bank has formed 7025 Groups as on 31.03.2015 and  has offered Rs 1055.76 lakh loans  to 1569 groups. As on 31.03.2015, the loan recovery progress is 98 per cent.
  5. J.L.T (Joint Liability Group) :  As per the State Government and NABARD guidelines a total of 294 such Groups  have been constituted as on 31.03.2015 of which  79 groups have been provided Rs 17.55 lakh as loan. As on 31.03.2015  the loan recovery  progress of these groups has been 100 per cent.
  6. Yashaswini Farmers Health  Insurance Scheme :  As per this Scheme introduced by the State Government  every member is  required to pay a premium  Rs 250/- and as on 31.03.2015, a total of 117501  people have been registered under the scheme and a premium of Rs 193.06 lakh collected from them. Under this scheme a total of 15100 members   have been   operated and treated in hospitals and a sum of Rs 13222.23 lakh alas been provided towards medical expenses.

The Ballary Co-operative Central Bank is proud to state that  it has been serving all its customers and farmers with the true  Co-operative Spirit and has been able to achieve the No. 2 Position in the entire state of Karnataka.