About Us

Co-operative Banks in the state play a crucial  role and have a greater responsibility  in responding to the financial needs of the  ordinary citizens while also helping to increase the state's resources.. The Ballary District Co-operative Central Bank is a financial institution  which  while promoting  the spirit of co-operation  has been extending financial  assistance to all sectors.

  • Formation :
    The Ballary District Co-operative Central Bank was founded on 12.12.1920 and was promoted by Honorable Late Sri Aasundi Bheemarao. He  had served as the Founder President  of the Bank from 22.12.1920 to 07.11.1925.
  •  Main Objectives :  Our institution was first registered as a Co-operative Society  under the Madras Co-operative Societies Act 1912, but later began  functioning  under the Karnataka Co-operative societies Act 1959. Presently, its area of operation is Ballary district and it  has its own set of rules and guidelines.
Our Bank's Aims and Objectives are as follows :
  •  It  mobilises funds from public and institutions  to extend financial  aid under the Karnataka Co-operative Societies Act.
  • It offers financial assistance to such institutions and organisations.
  •  It also works towards  promoting activities of affiliated  Co-operative societies, extending assistance and co-ordinating.
  •  I will also supervise and review the functioning of the Societies.
  • With due permission of the Registrar of Co-operative Societies,  extension counters of branches would be opened and rules framed for effective functioning.
  •  Collecting shares from co-operative societies.
  •  Steps  for loan recovery from co-operative societies and such other works under Cooperative Societies Act.
  •   To frame  policies in accordance to the directives issued by the government at regular intervals.
  •  Opening accounts in other commercial banks in the best interest of our Bank's business.
  • Incorporating crop insurance and Yashaswini scheme as per the government's orders
  •  To offer loan based on salary, housing loan and other  business loans to staff members.
  • Advancing of cash credit loans to  businessmen and co-operative societies to undertake business.
  • Offering strong rooms for the convenience of customers  and to provide jewellery loans.
  • Advancing loans by pledging savings certificates as per the rules framed by the  Bank.